Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael King: A Moment in Time

Yesterday my doco, Michael King, A Moment in Time screened in the International Film Festival at the Film Archive in Wellington. Two amazing screenigs brought many people out of the woodwork....Maui Solomon introduced himself to the audience as 'the' Maui Solomon who wrote to King in 1985 asking him to write the history of the Moriori people...and Michael's daughter Rachael also spoke...

It was amazing to feel two very different audiences show their response and there were many filmmakers in the audience too...

The score designed by Michelle Scullion gave the film many layers of emotion and I felt extremely proud to finally bring this interview into the light of day.

Thank you all the people who helped me to do this - producer Glenis Giles, my partner Cathy and my son Sam who designed the titles. My brother Michael wrote the lyrics to the final song over the credits 'Like a Bird' sung by Dunedin composer/singer Patsy Ryan with her band Blackthorn. The Dub Shop,especially Simon Reece, editor, managed the final post stages with great creative direction and influence and the sound mix by John Boswell at Park Rd Post ensured the final piece was perfectly balanced. And to the Film Festival who agreed to screen the film which meant we could get post-production funding from the NZ Film Commission. Thank you so much...

It's been quite an amazing journey from 1991 to 2007 to complete this work - now it has its own life out in the world.

If you are interested to view the film again or purchase it contact me through or producer Glenis Giles at


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