Sunday, August 12, 2007

Journalistm Matters

Hi, so i went to show my film, Michael King, A Moment in Time to the journlists conference organised by the EPMU. The whole focus of the conference was, essentially, the effect of new media and digital worlds on journalism as a craft and profession. There was quite a lot of debate about the authenticity of 'news' by bloggers and discussion about the blogger wars in Aussie within the blogosphere.

I hope that, in retrospect, journalists can see bloggers as allies rather than competitiors, because the main focus of the blogosphere is not only to promote individual work but also debate about whats going on 'out there'. Bloggin is also different to authentic journalism, its personal and very subjective - but openly so.

I blog when i want to about things i'm involved with. Its not just a skite machine, its a dialogue with people who i want to connect with about what i'm doing. Journalists generally see it as a threat - rather than an allied community interested in discussing stuff in general.

As Audrey says - about her blog on John Key; the more we do it, the more we can see it as a medium that means something. If we dont embrrace it, we'll leave behind a whole genration of an audience who works totally in a digital environment.

Also, its a new opportunity for journalists, if only they would embrace it rather than see it as a competitive threat.

My film was screened at the conference and I've been inivited to show it and sell it across the country in journalist schools and institions. Thats cool.

You can get a copy from
Michael King, A Moment in Time.