Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Art of Solace

Artist and hospice nurse, Naomi Clements describes the solace of art as she completes a painting that has sat in her studio for some time...a painting she began after the summer her mother died. Now, after a workshop as part of the solace initiative, she has picked up the painting again and she talks of the process of rediscovering the time of farewelling her mother. See post on The Big Idea.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Solace Initiative - the workshop

We had our first workshop today between 7 hospice workers and 7 creative practitioners. People came for two hours and shared stories of their lives and the things that bring them solace. From this engagement we hope to create new works to build the narrative of what brings us solace. Thanks to everyone who participated, singers, writers, composers, filmmakers and artists along with those who work alongside the dying and who are themselves artists, creative thinkers and practitioners. The lines of difference blurred as people began to talk and share their views on solace.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 2015 Digital Residency - The Solace Initiative

Thanks to The Big Idea Trust for accepting my project, with my son Sam based in San Francisco: The Solace Initiative, to explore the question What brings us solace? I will be working with creative practitioners across arts, music, dance, sculpture and film to discover the many avenues and experiences of creative practitioners in collaboration with hospice workers. Take a look, have a think and engage with our site The Solace initiative.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Research continues

The Women from Cambodia project, whilst in post-production phase has been an amazing journey to discover links with some fantastic international photographers who have agreed to share their work for my project. In particular Jay Mather who was a photo journalist who went into Cambodia after Pol Pot was deposed and photographed the situation for those living in the refugee camps on the Thai/Cambodia border in the early eighties. Whilst this may be a story from 40 years ago, there are millions of refugees throughout the world living in these camps and through telling the story of a few women, we tell the story of many.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Project on Ursula Bethell

Researching the creative work of Ursula Bethell, Christchurch poet primarily but who was also an avid painter and gardener. She lived a varied and amazing life of social work, literary support and mentor to many emerging writers and also had a deep faith in God…The majority of her life was spent living with her companion Effie Pollen. When Effie died in 1934, Ursula Bethell was devastated, writing a "Memorial" every year for the next six years on or around the anniversary. October 1935 The green has come back, the spring green, the new green, Darling, the young green upon the field willows, And the gorse on the wild hills was never so yellow, Together, together, past years we have looked on the scene. The loved little bird is singing his small song, Dearest, and whether the trill of the riro Reminded, we wondered, of joy or of sorrow - Now I am taught it is tears, it is tears that to spring time belong. You were laughter, my liking, and frolic, my lost one, I must dissemble and smile still for your sake, Now that I know how spring time is heart-break, Now you have left me to look upon all that is lovely, alone.

New year project juggling...

So it's a new year - well, I know it's March but we still have that 'new year' feel don't we? I have a number of projects in various stages of development and whilst they all have their priorities its' hard to really get focused on which one will come up laughing as it were….so, heading into further research on an amazing kiwi designer and artist who went to san francisco in 1920…- more exciting news to come on him soon :) and looking for funding for post-production on my Cambodian film, featuring the lives of Cambodian women refugees who lived through the Pol Pot regime and came to live in NZ often after many difficult years in refugee camps on the Thai Cambodian border…its a busy kaleidoscope of topics and inspiring people who enrich my life as I delve into theirs….

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friends of Hone Tuwhare Trust Gig

On October 22, a group of Wellington people interested in the work of Hone Tuwhare gathered at Meow to celebrate his work, perform readings and adaptations of poetry to music and generally to support the work of the Hone Tuhware Trust. The Trust is working towards designing and building a Writers Residency in Kaka Point where Hone lived and worked. This was the first of many gatherings that will be held in Wellington to assist the Trust to meet their financial goal and also to keep the work of Tuwhare alive.