Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leanne Pooley talks Topp Twins

Produced for ScreenTalk by NZ On Screen.

See more about The Topp Twins on their website. Topp Twins.

Annie Collins on ScreenTalk

Whilst working at NZ On Screen as Director of ScreenTalk I interviewed editor, Annie Collins who has worked on some of the most important documentaries and feature films to come out of New Zealand. Her groundbreaking work on Patu helped to politicise her which led to many years of anti-racism work in the eighties.. She went on to work on many other documentaries including my doco on the sex industry in NZ, A Double Standard. She has a rigorous editing process and is an inspiration to work with.

Her feature film work spans films by Gaylene Preston, Peter Jackson and Robert Sarkies.

You can see excerpts of many of the films mentioned on NZ On Screen.