Friday, June 27, 2008

Lunch with Gordon

Went to visit artist Gordon Crook today. He made Mary Jane and I a gorgeous lunch and we spent the afternoon looking at photographs of him in London in the forties and fifties, talking about life and art and philosophy. A gorgeous afternoon.

Now I have my homework to do as I explore the many facets of Gordons life as an artist and a teacher. He moved to New Zealand in 1971, a time of great conservatism in New Zealand society which was a culture shock to step into from the hub of London life. He has never returned. He has just finished a show at the Mary Newton gallery, White Crocus and is working on another big show in Christchurch for next year.

In the meantime, we're talking and filming along the way.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tasting the Words

I've started working on an unfinished piece documenting Hone Tuwhare in a workshop at Otago Girls College. I shot it in Dunedin at the same time as i did the Michael King interview. When he was short of a bob or two he'd give the school a ring and they were always happy to see him and have him do a reading or a workshop with the English class.
Hone is natural and funny as well as deep talking about the meanings of his poetry and the inspiration that he draws from, ranging from Maori mythology to his own personal life and loves. He even convinces some of the girls to read their poems in front of him, a daunting prospect for any budding writer!javascript:void(0)

Gordon Crook

I went to the launch of Gordon Crook's new show, White Crocus, at Mary Newton gallery. It is an amazing colourful array of imagery and metaphor. Crooks influnces are Klee, Joan Miro and early surrealists. I bumped into Gordon at the bus stop a few weeks ago and started chatting - this has led to a new project and we'll be doing our first interview wiht Gordon next weekend while the show is still up. Go check out the show - its only on for another week.