Monday, February 18, 2008

Barry Barclay RIP

Barry Barclay "Bazz" as most of us knew him, passed away today.

Bazz was an amazing mentor to me and to many other filmmakers, not only in New Zealand but across the globe. He was an advocate for the truth and for social justice. His documentary series Tangata Whenua, was radical in style and content. His collaborators included historian and writer Michael King, producer John O'Shea - and many independent filmmakers throughout Aotearoa who helped him plot and scheme to get the funding for projects he believed in. His protest outside NZ On Air in the mid-nineties challenged existing funding decisions for Maori projects and creative teams - and led to more discussion about ethics and cultural imperialism in visual culture. Bazz was an amazing committed and staunch friend with a little bit of 'Maui's trickery included in the mix. His films are living testaments to his convictions and his passions...Ngati, Te Rua, Tangata Whenua series, Indira Ghandi, The Neglected Miracle, Feathers of Peace and more recently, The Kaipara Affair. He will be greatly missed...Arohanui