Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Interactive Narrative

When I first started making documentaries I was aware of the vast amount of research and interview material that never makes it to the final edit. The left-over material has value for other researchers and also just as a document to the process of documentary filmmaking itself. This in itself, could become a new form of interactive narrative in documentary filmmaking which i'm interested in exploring further.

When I start my PhD later this year I hope to explore new ways to preserve and document the documentary process through this blog and also look at new ways to present background material that could be useful to others interested in the subject.

The first part though is to focus on completing my unfinished films - it seems that every filmmaker i know has a box of tapes or film still to be here goes - my new mission is to work on 'completion' of those unfinished projects.

My current project on Gordon Crook is progressing well - but i have a much older project i'm also working on about my favourite nz poet, Hone Tuhware...some of his work and interviews are on NZ On Screen.