Monday, July 16, 2007

Fringe Film Festival 20 years on...

Last week i went to the 20th anniversary of the Wellingotn Film Fringe Festival. Organised once again by fabulous gals, Glenis Giles & Fiona Bartlett with lots of help from Iris and Robert Sarkies and others too numerous to name. Over the years the Fringe has been the gateway for emerging filmmakers and a stepping stone towards greatness...! or the delusion of greatness.

The show started with an intro by director Robert Sarkies who thanked the Fringe for paying for a young eager filmmaker to fly up from Dunedin with his first short film to hear the critical analysis by filmmakers from throughout the country - it was noted that the Fringe just can't afford to do that anymore because there are SO many filmmakers...but that is a good thing!

Speeches were given by Gaylene Preston and Neville and finally the Fringe Film Festival Accolades were revamped and given out to those people in the industry who give so much behind the scenes. Some were there - others werent but the recognition and acknowledgement of their contribution was warmly applauded...

The Fringe is on right now so check it out at

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